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Costa Rica Jaco Free Activities - 14 Free Budget Saving Tours / Activities To Do In Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

Ken's list of free Costa Rica activities or low cost Costa Rica activities in Jaco you can do without breaking the bank...

The economy is tough right now and we know some of the great tours can be costly, especially if you have several planned during your trip. Rest assured. You don't have to break the bank to enjoy a fabulous vacation in Costa Rica. We recommend a nice mix between the
paid tours and the free tours to provide a funfilled vacation with a lifetime of memories.

1. Farmers Market. Yes, every Friday in Jaco by the soccer field is a free farmers market. Not only can you come and spend some time observing (and trying) some of the Dr. Seusian looking fruits and vegetables, you can purchase a lot of it for just a couple thousand colones ($2). Bring all of that loose change (colones) that has been weighing down your pocket. You can also splurge and purchase some of the baked goods or homemade yogurt provided at the Meninites booth. Enjoy.

2. Self-guided Hikes. Go to the Carara National Park near the Tarcoles River and stop at the Park Headquarters Building located on the Coastal Highway. For a small fee (like $3 per person) you can enjoy an entire day at the park. Pick up a map of the trails so you don't get lost, but you will feel like you are in Jurasic Park next to some of the giant trees, flora and fauna. It's fun and safe and very cheap! Bring water and sunscreen.

3. Hike Up Miro's Mountain. Located on the South side of Jaco beach across from the gas station is a driveway that leads to several different trails. Go up and to the right for an invigorating climb in altitude and some unbelievable photo opportunities. Keep walking up and to the left and the trail ends at a quaint, little waterfall. Up and to the right takes you to another road with beautiful views of Playa Hermosa. Go straight (from the entrance) and there are a couple of trail heads, each with wonderful jungle and rainforest views of magnificant nature. Cost is free, but bring water, snacks and sunscreen.

4. Visit Playa Blanca. This beautiful white sand beach appears to be a private beach owned by Punta Leona (just North of Jaco), but it is really a public beach. Turn towards the water on the road just South of Punta Leona and take it to the end. A short walk and you are at the beach. Bring your beach provisions and snorkeling gear. Free!

5. Swim in the Ocean. Jaco Beach is a wonderful bay for swimming, but we recommend that swimmers stay on the south end of the beach where the waves are the smallest. If you want the adventure of playing in bigger waves, make sure you have a floatation device (like a boogie board) as the ocean is powerful. Never swim alone and always make sure that someone is around with a floatation device.

6. Bike. If you are into biking, you can ship your bicycle into checked luggage for $75 on most airlines. That is a little more than the cost of a typicaly tour, but you will have it to ride around every day during your trip. Mountain biking trails are unbelievable and the coastal highway for roadies has a nice coat of fresh pavement for about 100 miles. Don't forget your bike lock, tire repar kit, a back pack for snacks and of course your water bottle which you can fill for free out of the tap (Jaco's water is fresh from the mountain wells and safe to drink). Maps are available and we recommend doing your homework before riding and check with a local about the areas you wish to explore. Enjoy the fresh air and natural beauty with breaking your bank. Note - there is a bike shop in Jaco  if you need help with repairs (very cheap).

7. Crocodile Viewing. Get into your rental car and drive to the bridge over the Tarcoles River. There is parking on each side of the river and there are huge crocodiles under the bridge within your line of site. Bring your camera and enjoy. Caution. There is a Tourist Police outpost here, but never leave valuables in your rental car if it is left unattended. There is also a restaurant if you need a beverage or want to stop for lunch. Cost for viewing and parking is free.

8. Sunset Viewing. The sunsets along the Pacific are some of the most beautiful in the world. Many locals and tourists alike make watching the sun go down and daily ritual. The secret is knowing where to go for the best views. We recommend Villa Coletas, located just North of Jaco. This botique hotel and restaurant is located on the top of a mountain with majestic views of the Nicoya Bay and Peninsula where sunseekers sit in an amphitheatre listening to music and watching the sun and surroundings. Cost is the price of a beverage of your choice - and well worth it. Also, the lookout at Miro's Mountain is another wonderful viewing area for sunsets. During the non-rainy season you can drive your vehicle to the top and walk to the lookout. A walk from the bottom is also enjoyable. Cost is free, except for the bottle of wine and cheese you bring up with you. Note - there are several great sunset miradors (scenic outlooks) that the locals know about. This could be done every day from a different location. Don't forget your camera.

9. Save The Turtles. During the months of September through January, the Turtle Sactuary in Playa Hermosa works to assist the turtle population. Go at night and watch the turtles lay their eggs and gather them for safe keeping and incubation. When the eggs hatch, you can assist the little babies to make sure they make it to the Ocean unharmed. This is an educational experience and you are doing good by assisting the turtle population. It's amazing to see the Giant turtles lay their eggs and equally fun to watch the little ones make their way back to the sea. Cost is free. Donations accepted.

10. Shop. Walk through Jaco and wander through the many souvenir, clothing and surf shops. Stop for icecream at POPS along the way. Cost is $1 for icecream.

11. Walk the Beach at Low Tide. Jaco beach is about 2 miles long. Lather yourself with sunscreen, pop on a hat and head out. Look for shells or sand dollars in the sand.  Best time is at low tide when the beach is wide and flat and also early in the morning or late in the afternoon when temperatures are moderate.  Cost is free unless you stop for a beverage at El Bohio or Clarita's along the way.

12. Watch the Surfers. This is one of my favorite past times. The surfers in Jaco and Hermosa are some of the best in the world and watching them perform their aerobatics is extremely entertaining. Best time is around high tide. Best locations change based on the tide but favorite spots is infront of Jaco beach Village, Bahia Azul and La Paloma Blanca. In Hermosa, go to the Backyard for VIP seating and a cold one where Saturday afternoons are typically tournament days followed by live music. Cost is free to the price of a beverage or two.

13. Explore Costa Rica. Get into your rental car and explore. Go up or down the coast and discover hidden beach towns and stop at a local soda for a beverage or lunch. Head inland and into the mountains and you will discover towns that are beautiful and look like you are back in the 1950's. This is one of my favorite things to do. Make sure you have a map or your spanish dictionary so that if you get lost you can ask for directions. Tip. Always ask more than one source for directions. If you get conflicting information, ask a third and go with the majority. Cost is fuel for the rental car and cost for lunch.

14. Volunteer / Bring School Supplies. Be a good citizen on top of a tourist. The local schools need supplies and children need uniforms. Uniforms are required in Costa Rica and there are many poor families that can't afford them. The school children are allowed to attend school without a uniform for 30 days. After 30 days, they are sent home. The Central Pacific Chamber of Commerce assists through donations of money and supplies so that children of poor families are allowed an education.  This costs very little, but does a lot of good! I attended a meeting and watched the teacher burst into tears at the generosity of Dan and Leah Woodley's generous donations. She said it was like Christmas for the school children. Do your part. Have your friends and family donate money and supplies to assist.

See You in Paradise!

-Ken Schaafsma


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